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General Enquiries:

Phone: Freecall 1800-847-333
Fax: +61 2 8079 5971

Sydney - Alexandria, NSW

Unit 23, "The Bourke Centre"
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110 Bourke Road
Ph: 02 8197 3928

Brisbane - Spring Hill, QLD

Shop 2, 474 Upper Edward Street
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Ph: 07 3135 9810

Melbourne - Clayton, VIC

Setting up at A5, 2 Westall Rd, Clayton
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Ph: 03 8080 1200

Head Office - Bega NSW

452 Wyndham Lane, Kanoona. Ph: 02 8197 3930

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Urban Development for Wind-Tunnel Testing
We recently completed this large model ready for wind tunnel testing. With a overall size of over 500 x 500 x 500mm, this job required the model to be split in to 9 seperate pieces, accurately printed. Glued and finished ready for sensors to be inserted to measure real-world pressure changes under different wind loading scenarious. You can see one of the sensor mounting points in the bottom right of the picture.
Polygon Landscape
Mathematically produced landscape 3D printed in PLA
Perfume Bottles
One of several Perfume Bottles printed as props for InStyle Magazine's Fragrance Special
Electronics Enclosure
3D printed ABS enclosure mounting a PCB and components, and bolting that to a flat surface
Veroni Rabbit
This is a standard 3D model, the Stanford Bunny, passed through some mathematical veroni equations to produce a mesh shell of the origional model > Then 3D printed in PLA
Designer Shoe Sole
Custom print and cleanup of a shoe sole and heel for a designer fashion show
Veroni Ball
Normally a SLA Resin test print, we tried it on an FDM printer to see how ours performed
3D Printed Bracelet
This intricate bracelet was tiny, but still came out OK!
Go Pro Mount
We printed this GoPro Mount for a customer in ABS on an Da Vinci 1.0A to see if the output would be suitable for his needs
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Australian Distributors of desktop sized 3D Printers (Raise3D, FlashForge, Roland, Reprap, Makerbot & UP printers), 3D Scanners, Tools & Parts

Sydney: 23 / 110 Bourke Rd, Alexandria, NSW 2015, Australia

Brisbane: 2 / 474 Upper Edward St, Spring Hill, QLD 4000

Melbourne: A5 / 2 Westall Rd, Clayton, VIC 3168