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General Enquiries:

Phone: Freecall 1800-847-333
Fax: +61 2 8079 5971

Sydney - Alexandria, NSW

Unit 23, "The Bourke Centre"
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110 Bourke Road
Ph: 02 8197 3928

Brisbane - Spring Hill, QLD

Shop 2, 474 Upper Edward Street
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Ph: 07 3135 9810

Melbourne - Clayton, VIC

Factory A5, 2 Westall Rd, Clayton
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Ph: 03 8080 1200

Head Office - Bega NSW

452 Wyndham Lane, Kanoona. Ph: 02 8197 3930

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New to Bilby3D?

Our showrooms in Sydney and Brisbane are Open! Please observe Social Distancing | MELBOURNE stictly Click and Collect PrePaid ONLY! More

Payment Options

You do not need to pay when you upload your model, it can sit in our system as a quote and we will check your requirements and generate a proper invoice. If you do wish to pay now, the only option is PayPal (you can pay via credit card without setting up an account), and invoices generated are provisional.

Need Something Designed?

We have experts in the field of Industrial and Fashion Design, Mechanical Designers, CAD Modelers and Engineers. Let us help you to bring your ideas to life! and discuss your next project
(we have a NDA ready)

Discounts Available

If you have purchased a machine from us and need extra printing capacity for that big job, or your machine is offline, we have loyalty discounts available.
Call Phone 1800-847-333 for more details.

See examples from the Bilby 3D Print Service

Get an instant quote for basic 3D printing of your model

3D Printing/Rapid Prototyping Services

Urban Development for Wind-Tunnel Testing

We recently completed this large model ready for wind tunnel testing
With a overall size of over 500 x 500 x 500mm, this job required the model to be split in to 9 seperate pieces, accurately printed. Glued and finished ready for sensors to be inserted to measure real-world pressure changes under different wind loading scenarious. You can see one of the sensor mounting points in the bottom right of the picture.

3D Modelling - CAD

Have us take your design from a 2D drawing or sketch, modify an existing model or reverse engineer a part.
We have different designers for different work - so whether your design is Architectual, Engineering or "Organic" in shape, we look forward to working with you on your next project.
Once our experienced 3D modellers we have created the model we can:
- Add colour and textures through to rendering
- Create video walk-throughs and fly-arounds
- 3D Print draft and final version of the model for form-and-fit, product presentations and demostrations, pre-productions and actual production runs

Rapid Prototypes and Small Production runs

We have a bank of 3D Printers ready to work for you, whether you are looking for a print sample to help with pre-purchase decision making, single prototype or a small production run.

Choosing the Right Material and Technologies

We can produce your part using FDM, SLS, SLA or DLP - But what does that mean?

FDM - Fused Deposition Modelling

This is usually the cheapest, and definatly the fastest option.
We can print single pieces up to 300 x 300 x 465mm with this technology.

Need Something Designed?

We have experts in the field of Industrial and Fashion Design, Mechanical Designers, CAD Modelers and Engineers. Let us help you to bring your ideas to life! and discuss your next project
(we have a NDA ready)
We have 5+ of these machines running at top condition ready to print in PLA, Wood, Brick, Bronze, Flex (rubber like) or PHA down to a 50 micron layer height for maximum smoothness.
We can print with two colours of plastic, or one colour plus dis-solvable support material.

These machines work all day, almost every day, for both internal use, and for customer prototyping. Examples of our 3D Printed products include our Spool Stands, Electronics housing boxes, and some repair parts for the 3D Printers we service.

3D Printing & Scanning Training

Either come to our Sydney training facility, or we come to you. Take one of our standard courses, or have us prepare more personalised training.

SLS - Selective Laser Sintering

Tough parts with super smooth professional finishes made by fusing powder particles together. In somecases they are as cheap as FDM (nylon), but time lines are longer (usually 2-3 weeks)

Resin (SLA or DLP)

This technology works with a liquid resin which sets (cures) when a UV light shines on it.
It is expensive to prime the tank and clean up afterwards, but produces smooth looking prints with very high detail. Jewelry and dental clients love the quality that is possible.

Pre-Purchase Samples

Looking to see before you buy? Not a problem. We have a range of free, small samples, or we can even print your file on the machine of your choice for you in the material you want, so you can compare and access machines in a more practical, tangible way, before you buy.

We also have a number of cheap example prints, in stock and each selected as they showcase our 3D Printers capabilities

See all pre-prepared sample prints
Octopus 3D Print Chubbs the Octopus
Chubbs is printed on a Replicator 2.
11cm Tall
 @ $7.50
GST Inc. Low stock. May be backordered.
Hilberts Cube 2-color 3D Print Hilberts Cube
This cube is printed on a FlashForge Dreamer.
3cm square
 @ $5.00
GST Inc. Low stock. May be backordered.
Geared Heart
The Geared Heart is printed on a Replicator 2.
11cm Tall
 @ $50.00
GST Inc. Low stock. May be backordered.
2 Colour Frog 3D Print 2 Colour Frog
The little Frog is printed on a Makerbot 2X
11cm Wide

Click to Enlarge

Ordering a 3D Print

We can print on any of the following machines, using the materials specified.
Cost: Admin/set up fee: $35 + Material usage fee + 1st hour fee + Machine/print fee (for each hr over 1st hr).
For example: The Colonel head picture right printed at 200 microns, with 15% fill. It weighs 160g (PLA)
On the Dreamer: 9.5 hrs. Cost would be: $35 + $6.40 (PLA) + $9 1st hr + 34 (8.5hrs)= $84
On the Replicator 2: 6.5hrs. Cost would be: $35 + $6.40 (PLA) + $5 1st hr + $11(5.5hrs)=$57.50

Material and Machine usage fees are listed in the grid below.

Prices include freight in Australia. All models are supplied with supports in tact (raw off bed).

3D Printer PLA PHA Wood Brick ABS Bronze Resolution (Microns) Build Volume 1st hr Other hrs
Replicator 2 300, 200, 100 285x 153x 155mm $5 $2/hr
Makerbot Z18 300, 200, 100 305x 305x 457mm $9 $5/hr
Makerbot Replicator 5th Gen 300, 200, 100, 50* 252x 199x 150mm $6 $2/hr
Makerbot Mini 200 100x 100x 125mm $6 $2/hr
UP Mini 200 120x 120x 120mm $5 $2/hr
Dreamer 300,200,100 230x 150x 140mm $9 $4/hr
Cost per 100g $4
$5 glow
$10 $17 $17 $4
$5 glow
PLA PHA Wood Brick ABS Bronze
*Not available for all materials

Education and Training

We run courses at our showroom in Alexandria, Sydney roughly once per month
We can also provide training and courses on site, customised to your area of interest. Contact Us to discuss
    Recent courses include:
  • Advanced Training on the Makerbot Replicator 2 and 2X - Advanced usage, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Introduction to 3D Printing - Everything you need to know before you buy
  • 3D Printing and education (Powerhouse Museum, Aug 2014)
  • Ramifications and Strategies of 3D Printing to the retail sector (***** National Conference, Mar 2014)
More about these courses

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