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Arduino vs. Sanguino vs Generation 6 Electronics

2nd February, 2012 

Customers have asked me what is the difference between these main control systems for RepRap machines
Lets start with the specifications
ElectronicsArduino Mega 2560Generation 6Sanguino
Clock Speed16 MHz 16 MHz
Flash Memory128 Kb 64 Kb
RAM 8 Kb 4 Kb
EEPROM 4096 Kb 2048 Kb
I/O Pins (total)54 32
PWM Pins 14 6
Analog In Pins16 8
Serial Ports4 2
I2C Yes Yes
SPI Yes Yes
Data ConnectionUSB A>BUSB A>BTTL
ProsWidely used and supported
Can swap faulty componants without buying everything
All in one solution All in one and cheapest
ConsAlso have to buy RAMPS and 4xPololu Stepper motor driver boards

Chris Bilby

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