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Bilby CNC opens for Business

22 November, 2011 

Why Bilby CNC?

Today we open BilbyCNC to supply equipment and supplies to Australians who want to learn about and use the newly available rapid prototyping machines.

The RepRap open source project has come a long way and now delivers 3D additive plastic printing to the desktop at an affordable price. From as low a $1000, complete and assembled, these machines print with plastic by putting down layer upon layer to build the three dimensional shape you require. Machines use plastic thread or "filament" which they heat and extrude, like toothpaste coming out of a tube, onto the surface of the previous layer.

Laser cutters and engravers have been around for some time, but are now becoming more affordable. They use the laser to "cut" away pieces of a surface to create engravings or cutting right through the material.

3D routers allow us to create three dimensional shapes by cutting away from a solid piece of material. Even the low cost machines can cut wood, metal and stone.

Bilby CNC is proud to provide machines, supplies and support to the Australian community who want to create real 3D objects right on their desktop.

Chris Bilby

Find out more at or phone 1800-245-297

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