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Software Recommendations for CNC Mills / 3D Routers

17th January, 2012 

This page is still under construction, so send me your feedback or ideas via the Contact Form

The 3020T and 3040T CNC Mills we currently stock are mostly used with Mach3 software, so I will cover these first. The Mills can in theory work with any software which outputs G-Code, and I will add other software as I test it.

  1. Download the software - The demo is free, but limited to 500 lines of G-Code. The full version is currently $175. Download here
  2. Take a look at the Mach3 Mill manual, it is 157 pages and goes into exquisite detail about how the software talks to both Windows and the Machine. It's here
  3. If you are using a notebook or 64-bit PC, it is recommended you use an external controller. Notebook parallel ports have their speed vary widely due to lower processor specs and power saving features. 64 bit drivers for parallel ports are problematic also. There is a tutorial for setting up the deepgrove1 box here

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