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Vinyl Bed Tape - Textured 250x250mm
Stock Code: ptTapeVSh25x25

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This precut sheet of textured tape is 250x250mm to fit a Prusa up to a Printrbot PLUS v2.1 print bed. Slice 5cm of one edge for a Makerbot Replicator 5th Gen. If printing small items, you could cut into 4 pieces and just use it in the center of the bed. The texture means that your printout locks on to the bed much more strongly than using masking tape

Features Specs Support
This allows you to use a printer without a heated bed to get ABS to stick. In testing we have found that if you have a the filament/nozzle cooling fan and it comes on during printing, it results in some splitting between the layers - if you wait until the fan comes on (after the first few layers of printing) then turn the fan off in the machine menu, it will stay off for the rest of the print. You can also fix this in the GCode if you can edit that in your software. See the second image where the print on the left is with the fan turned off, and the one on right has the nozzle fan turned on.
The print can still be removed with a spatula, but as the adhesion is so good, consider the tape as disposable. You should get 6-10 printouts on any spot on the tape depending on how careful you are, moving the printout to different parts of the bed will allow you to get more from your tape. It can be peeled up and restuck a few times if you need to remove bubbles or reflatten the tape.
To apply the textured tape:
Clean the bed, preferably with rubbing alcohol (iospropyl alcohol)
Smooth on the sticker from one edge of the bed, preferably with our Plastic Scraper. You can heat the tape with a heat gun to make it more flexible
Dont forget to re-level your bed, as this tape is thicker than masking tape
Clean before use with isopropyl alcohol or actone
Pull off to remove - leaves little or no residue - easily cleaned with isopropyl alcohol
The adhesive is rated for a temperature range of -15 to 150 degrees C.


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