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Photocentric Additive – Standard Package Digitial License
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Jointly developed by Photocentric and CoreTechnologie, the innovative Photocentric Additive software suite has been specifically created for the LC Magna.

The software sets new standards enabling 3D models from all common CAD formats to be read and prepared for additive manufacturing processes directly as an exact, intelligent and light B-Rep geometry.

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CAD engineering standard for precise additive manufacturing

The robust B-Rep kernel of Photocentric Additive enables a quality check, repair and preparation of models in accordance with CAD-engineering standards based on the exact geometry.

In conventional 3D printing tools, CAD models are often already triangulated during the reading process and thus converted into an approximate and imprecise STL description so that further operations like a repair of modelling errors, result in significant deviations from the original shape.

Nesting and optimisation of the build platform

Photocentric Additive delivers intelligent 2D nesting capabilities with multiprocessor computation. The extremely fast and fully automatic nesting offers great benefits in terms of time and cost saving. The user can specify the respective number of parts as well as a minimum distance. The build volume is then filled automatically, so that an optimised number of components is accommodated on the platform.

3D textures revolutionise part design

Just select with a single click, the desired surface areas and then apply the texture from the database. The innovative Texture Module allows the user to access more than 5,000 different 3D texture structures. Also, the user can upload their own texture or company logo to the database to enable full customisation of the models. Photocentric Additive makes it easy to define textures on the CAD model. The size, resolution, position, and height of the structure can be visually adjusted, whereby a rendered, photo-realistic representation of the model facilitates the work.

Support generation

The automatic analysis identifies areas where support structures are needed for manufacturing. The support structures of various shapes can be changed and customised by the user. A specific algorithm has been created for Photocentric technology which allows users to create auto supports, add them manually or edit and delete.

Slicing with multiprocessor

The use of the exact B-Rep and the multiprocessor calculation enables unrivalled slicing speeds. The default slicing parameters are taken directly from the technology database. Additionally, users can easily upload sliced files (in CWS format) directly to LC Magna through the software.

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3D lattice structure is available as an additional model and can be added to the standard package, allowing the user to transform any geometry into custom lattice.

Transforming models to a lattice structure can reduce material usage, hence cost and also offer improved mechanical properties. The models can be replaced fully with lattice structures. Users can selectively keep functional areas as the original geometry and lattice the non-critical surfaces. The software offers 16 different patterns for lattice structures – such as honeycomb, octet or centre point.

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Photocentric Studio
Powerful and intuitive, Photocentric studio software has been created to simplify the print experience.

Compatible with the majority of CAD files, Photocentric studio includes a suite of tools to support a variety of industries and applications. From novice to expert, studio delivers a user experience tailored to the knowledge of the operator.

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