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Resin Wash Kit
Stock Code: resWashKit
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This kit includes the items most commonly needed when you are using resin printers:

Features Specs Support
250ml Squeeze Bottle - For Isopropyl Alcohol for washing excess resin from your prints
500ml Squeeze bottle - For water to rinse you prints after washing
2 x 3ml Squeeze droppers - For fine washing work or where rough measurement is required
Stainless Steel Funnel with grid and handle - Funnel for returning unused resin to the lightproof bottle. Has a grid for removing any cured resin floating in the vat which you do not want there! The grid easily clips out for washing

Just buy vinyl gloves and a pyrex dish of suitable size from your local supermarket, and you are all set to go!


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FlashForge Hunter - Resin Printer
This high quality resin printer is designed for applications where very high resolution is essential, such as jewellry and dentistry.

Build size is 120 x 67.5 x 150mm
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Roland ARM-10 resin 3D Printer
The Roland ARM-10 is an amazing leap forward in 3D Printing for Australian consumers and professionals. Built with Roland quality and user freindliness, this machine makes it easier than ever before to go from 3D Model to Printout.
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Liquid Material Tray / Vat for Roland ARM-10 printer
Replacement Resin Vat / Liquid Material Tray for the Roland ARM-10 Resin Printer.
Use this item when the printing surface, a silicon based non-stick resin becomes damaged
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Nobel 1.0 SLA Resin Tank
Genuine XYZ Printing Nobel 1.0 SLA Resin Tank
Using a spare tank is recommended for holding resin of different colors and materials. It allows switching print materials between prints to be quick with zero loss of remaining resin, better ensuring the quality of your prints and preventing mixed colors or textures.
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Form 1 Build Platform
Genuine FormLabs Build Platform / Table for the Form1
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M-One Resin Tank - Permanent Vat
Genuine MakeX Resin Tank/Vat for the M-One, XGA and HD models.
This is the Flex Vat V2.
This breakthrough technology does away with the old silicon resin coated vats, which are easily damged and become cloudy after as few as 10 prints in the same spot.
Instead this tank had a flexible FET film, which lessens the load on the machine when peeling off the print after each layer, PLUS it is easily and (relatively) inexpensively replaced!
Each tank comes with 1 film pre-installed, and a spare for you to use later.

Assembly notes:
- Peel the protective paper of the perspex panel, this sits in the base piece with the perspex UP, so the lower piece is raised in the middle
- Place the tank itself on top, so the raised section pulls the film tight
- Add the fixing screw with spring - wound in about half way only
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Form 1 Resin Tank - Aftermarket
Aftermarket replacement for the Form1 Resin Tank

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