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Makerbot Replicator 2X - Revision 2
Stock Code: cncReplicator2XRev2
Makerbot Replicator 2X - Revision 2
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This 3D printer for the adventurous, experimental and experienced 3D printing enthusiaster. Put simply it is better than the Replicator 2, with a 100 micro resolution and provides high quality prints in ABS or PLA with the added benefits of duel extrusion, cast aluminium build plate, enclosed print chamber and pressure based filament feeder system.

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This is the revised model, released Oct 2013

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FlashForge Dreamer - Twin Extruder PLA/ABS 3D Printer
The FlashForge Dreamer has earned its popular reputation as a dependable, high quality machine. You may recognise it as a twin extruder version of the Dremel
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UP Plus 2 (released 2013) : Desktop 3D Printer
UP! 3D Printer - Fully assembled, ready to print in around 15 minutes of unboxing!
This printer has a great reputation for quality of machine and output and rugged reliability.
Main Features: Auto Height Setting, Auto Levelling, Soft lowering, faster spoolling of jobs. It also includes USB Connectivity with job spooling and saving so you can turn off computer during print.
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Printer Setup Service - Sydney Metro (40km)
Delivery, unpacking and setup of a desktop 3D printer within 40km of our Sydney base in Alexandria
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3D Printed Frog - 2 colours - Printed on Replicator 2X
The 2 colour frog is printed on a Makerbot Replicator 2X at 200 microns (each layer is only .2mm thick); using Bilby 3D brand ABS (usually Purple and white, colours may vary). It takes 19 hours to print and has 6 Shells with 15% fill.
Size : 11X11cm wide. 5.5cm Tall. 40g
Model designed by NervousSystem
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Simplify3D Software - Digital Download
Simplify3D® is Integrated 3D Printing Software
Harness the power of your 3D printer and move up to better quality prints with Simplify3D® Software.
Import, repair, slice, preview and print… all from one integrated desktop application.
Simplify the process AND improve the end result. Both are possible!

- Build print files for a huge range of printers - all from one application which has both a quick and easy basic option AND an advanced option with control of more parameters than we have seen in any other software
- Support for printers from Printrbot, Makerbot, FlashForge, XYZprinting (DaVinci), Solidoodle, Ultimaker, Leapfrog, Airwolf, Lulzbot, Tinkerine, BFB, Rapman, Cubify, MendelMax and more. Full list here
- Unrivalled slicing performance: High speed slicing with great print quality
- Variable slicing settings: You can apply 40% infill at the base and 15% infill at the top, and change layer height at different heights in the model
- Advanced Multi-Part Printing: Even when printing multiple models at the same time, you can apply different settings for each model

Advanced Features:
- Intelligent support creation: You can create supports automatically, or add or remove them with the click of a mouse, or both!
- Variable slice settings: You can vary layer height, feed, speed, temperature and more within the one print job so you can achieve the perfect balance of speed and quality. With wood filament, you can vary the temperature during printing to create a wodgrain effect between layers
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Vacuum molded Hood (Replicator 2X or 2)
Hood made by makerbot for 2X, this vacuum molded hood it also compatible with the Replicator2.
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Filament Sensor with Replicator 2 mount
Ever had a print fail because you leave the machine to make a beverage and the filament runs out?
We have, so we developed a simple mechanism to sound an alarm to warn you when the end of the filament reaches the end of your filament guide tube.
This version comes with a mounting bracket designed so the sensor fits between the filament spool and the end of the guide tube on a Replicator 2 or 2x. You dont have to use the bracket and could mount it with double sided tape, zip ties or the bolts running through the body on almost any machine.
Requires a 9V battery (not included). The power is only used when the alarm sounds, so if you use an alkaline battery (which have minimal self-discharging) it will not go flat for a long, long time - we estimate over 1 year.
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0.6mm Nozzle - M6 thread and Wear Resistant TwinClad coating
This wear resistant nozzle by AVN/Micro Swiss is the standard size for a range of printers has a 5mm long M6 thread, but has a larger and 0.6mm hole, which it sometimes used for faster printing and with metal and PETG filaments. Total Length 13mm
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0.4mm Nozzle - M6 thread and Wear Resistant Twin Clad coating
This wear resistant nozzle by AVN/Micro Swiss is the standard size for a range of printers
It has a Wear Resistant High Lubricity TwinClad XT Coating this makes it a excellent choice when printing with abrasive/wearing material such as Bronze, Copper, Alumininium or Carbon Fiber filament.
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Fan, 40mm, 24V DC 0.1A
Black brushless fan, 32mm between holes. 10mm thick. Lead length is 220mm.
It has 7 blades. Draws 0.1 A
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Thermocoupler (K type) as used in Replicator 2/2X
This thermocoupler is manufactured in Australia to higher specifications than the Makerbout out of the box thermocoupler that comes with the Makerbot Replicator 2 and 2X
Our Thermocoupler is made of thicker stronger wire, it has stronger kapton sheathing and is resin reinforced at the sensor.
We have tested this coupler extensively on the Replicator 2 and found it to be very strong and reliable.

All prices are in Australian Dollars and include GST. Standard Postage & Handling with Australia is $12 flat rate, free for orders over $350. Express Post starts at $14

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