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FlashForge Guider 2-S (v2 - 2020 Model)
Stock Code: 3DPFFguider2sV2
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This 2020 update to a solid large printer adds a flexible bed, toughend filament drive gear, toughened nozzle (included in the spare parts pack and not fitted) and improved filter. It has a user friendly touchsreen and webcam, plus a generous 280 x 250 x 300mm build volume.
All machines come standard with high-temperature extruders (to 300deg).

Features Specs Support
2020 Upgrade includes unfifted items: Magnetic self-adhesive pad, flexible steel plate, 2 sheets of build tape. Nozzle and gear kit with the hardened filament drive gear and 0.4mm nozzle, Brass 0.3, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8mm nozzles, allen key and nozzle spanner.

Flashforge Guider IIS: Large build area professional machine with outstanding quality.

The Guider IIs v2 is a professional 3D Printer, and provides the highest quality of any FDM printer we have seen, even exceeding that of the Finder, our previous best. Normally print quality goes down on larger machines but the Guider 2s maintains quality due to the advanced features like the 360 degree nozzle duct cooling - which focuses air on the plastic as it comes out of the extruder nozzle from all directions, so it cools and hardens immediately!
Add to that the usability feature of WiFi - so you can send prints from anywhere on the network, and a fast responsive touch screen. We have found a new office favorite!

Hot End
This machine comes with the Flashforge 300 degree hot end. It is also known as the red hot end as the fan duct at its base is red; or the 300 degree hot end.

Flashforge have claimed it can print Carbon Fiber. We doubt this as in our experience PTFE and abrasives do not work well together.

The guider operates at between around 65db. (This is louder than normal speech- FYI)

Build Area
You get 280mm in width (x), 250mm depth (y) and 300mm in height (z). You can chose to use the flexible removable bed, or the glass plate beneath.

Professional Build Quality
The innovative extruder system completely encircles the nozzle with cooling, providing instant cooling and setting of PLA materials; meaning you can virtually print in the air. Our tests at 25 degree inclines provide perfect printing with no support.

WiFi, USB stick, USB cable, Ethernet
It offers all the connection options you would expect from a professional machine like this; plus on board memory for those repeat jobs.

Large 5 full colour LCD touch screen interface allows you to control this machine un-tethered. You will find the graphic interface intuitive and screens highly assistive during routines like leveling. You also get a thumbnail preview of your model in the print menu screens and settings on that file.

FlashPrint Slicer
The FlashPrint slicer is one of the most powerful we have ever used. You can also use other slicers, like simplify 3D if you want. FlashPrint, however, includes:

Heated bed and easy levelling
Assisted by a pivot down sensor that sounds a bell to allow you to know when you have the right spot. This being said, the mechanical design is so robust that we did not need to level when it arrived by plane from china; not when we drove it to the Inside 3D expo or back.

The bed is heated, so you can print almost any material on this machine; and made from thick cast aluminium with a tough glass top - for a perfectly flat build surface all the time

Body Strength and Design
Everything about this machine is beautifully over engineered for quality and reliability

With an all-metal frame design and body side panels of high strength ABS; the Guider II is a machine designed to last, and provide incredibly stable reliable printing; while taking up the minimal footprint required for its build size - no wasted space here!

All rods are 12mm thick (standard is 8mm), so you will find movement is smooth and reliable; and there is no chance they are ever going to bow.

Even the door hinge is made from cast metal and is rouged and reliable.


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