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Rapid Tac - Bed Tape Application Fluid - 110ml
Stock Code: ptBedAPrapid04
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Rapid Tac - Cleaner and Application Fluid. 4oz / 110g spray bottle
Use with paper towel (no cloths) to clean your bed and apply bed tape easily, without any bubbles.
The bottle says: For wet application of decals, graphics and film. Formulated for premium, cast film applications in all climates

Features Specs Support
RapidTac is NOT required to install a BuildTak sheet, but it is recommended for BuildTak users installing sheets 300x300mm or larger. Some customers have reported that larger BuildTak sheets can be more difficult to apply without accidentally trapping air bubbles, which are almost impossible to remove once a sheet is installed. Because larger sheets are more expensive to replace if installed improperly, RapidTac is a good investment to make sure you get the installation right every time. One 4oz bottle will last for about a dozen installations or more (depending on sheet size). we now use Rapid Tac for installation of all BuildTak sheets 300 x 300mm or larger.

Please note that installations using RapidTac require 24 hours to dry before printing, after which your BuildTak sheet will function as normal. (Do not attempt to heat your bed to speed up the drying process; This may cause air bubbles to form.)

    The step-by-step instructions are included below for easy reference:
  1. Before installing a new BuildTak sheet, clean your bed thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and ensure it is completely dry
  2. Apply RapidTac generously to your print bed, ensuring that all areas are thoroughly soaked (no dry patches)
  3. After removing the white liner, lightly place the BuildTak sheet onto your bed. Agitate slightly to get the adhesive side lubricated, then move into position. (Don’t worry if you get liquid on the BuildTak surface – it can be cleaned later with 70% rubbing alcohol.)
  4. Once in place, use a decal applicator to squeegee out excess liquid toward the edge of the BuildTak sheet, wiping clean with a rag or paper towel. You’ll know you’ve finished removing any excess RapidTac when you no longer see liquid bubbling out from the edge of the sheet after squeegeeing
  5. Wipe down any remaining liquid and allow 24 hours to dry. Before printing, clean the BuildTak sheet with 70% rubbing alcohol to ensure no RapidTac residue is left behind


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