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3D Router Guide

14th October, 2013 

For support and setup instructions go here

This section will attempt to provide some videos and other information demostrating how you could use your 3D CNC Router.

See our recommended Router Configurations Diagram about how you can set things up so that your computer talks to the router reliably
Want to know which bits to buy and use? See our Recommended Router Bits sheet

There are so many different types of CAD and CAM software for preparing your models, that we will not cover them here. We will assume, however, that you are using the strong and versatile Mach3 software for controlling the machine.

We now have online Cutting, Milling and Drilling Speed calculators Here
If you need more information, we suggest "Machinery's Handbook Guide - 28th Edition" which is available for free download after a lengthy registration here.
Most useful Sections: Page 990 (pdf page 997) - RPM for Various speeds (Metric Units)
Page 985 (pdf page 992) - Tool Troubleshooting Checklist
Page 1014 (pdf page 1021) - Cutting Feeds and Speeds for Milling Aluminium Alloys (Imperial Units)
Page 1062 (pdf page 1069) - Feed Factors for Drilling (Inch and Metric)
Page 1063 (pdf page 1070) - Tool Wear and Tool Life Relationships
Page 1117 (pdf page 1124) - Cutting Fluids Recommendations

This video shows Australian Roger Webb using a 6090 watercooled router (the next size up from our 6040 machines - same principle but much heavier and so harder to ship and setup). He shows how he uses different tools to do multiple passes over the work, and a USB wireless pendant to manually do some final trimming.

Here Roger uses a 4th axis and tailstock to produce an angel statue with a ball nosed endmill.

This is a video of a 3020 Router machining a relief in wood with Mach3 software.

The mid-sized 3040 mill cutting 4mm aluminium - Cutting Speed: 100mm/min, Spindle Speed: 10,000rpm and CRC instead of the usual Kerosene as lubricant. Toolbit: standard endmill

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