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Printober 2014
1st to 31st October 2014
What's on during Printober 2014?
Printober is a month long celebration of all things 3D Printing. Building on Printober 2012 and 2013, this year it's on again; bigger, better and more organised than ever!

Golden Tickets
Golden Tickets The Golden Tickets are back again! 1 in 5 spools of filament sold during Printober will contain Golden Tickets. Submit a Picture of your Golden ticket next to a printout and your machine and we will give you a free spool of our standard filament with your next order.

Full Details
Some of the 2013 winners
Some of 2013's winners

Free Seminars - Introduction to 3D Printing for you
Free Seminars These sessions will cover the basics of what 3D printing is, what it can and can't do compared to traditional methods of prototyping, model making and manufacturing.  You will see a number of machines in action and their strengths and weaknesses will be discussed and you will be introduced to ways of determining which would be best for your needs.

When: Thursday 2nd October at 6:30pm, Thursday 30th October at 1pm
Where: 25/566 Gardeners Rd, Alexandria, NSW

Bookings Essential
Note: The October 30th session will be slightly more weighted towards educational and architectural use as it is timed for those who need to attend during business hours.

Paid Seminar - Advanced Makerbot 3D Printing Techniques
Paid Seminar This session is aimed at those who already have used a 3D Printer and will share a number of expert tips from Lee Bilby, co-founder of Bilby3D and with over 5,000 hours of 3D Printing experience.
    Topics covered will include:
  • What to do if a print will not stick to the bed
  • Understanding Environmental Variables
  • Finding your level > how to diagnose and calibrate Print Bed level
  • Getting the best out of your machine
  • Using Custom Profiles to tweak rafts and supports
Call to book now!

Filament Bargains
Economy Filament From 1st of October, we are announcing new pricing on our economy range of 3D Printer Filament at $34.95 per kilogram.
Our bulk filament offer of 10% off for 10 rolls of filament still applies! You can choose a range of different colours and types of filament, so long as there are at least 10 spools/coils in the single order

Printober with Printrbot
Printrbot Metal Simple As new distributors of the Printrbot range of printers, we want to show you what they can do - we were amazed at the quality of output from the Simple Metal, very close to that of printers three times the price! Call us during Printober to have a free sample mailed to you.
We now have LCD Controller Kits in stock. These are very simple to put together, and means that your printer has a screen you can navigate to check the status of your printer, load filament and jog it's axis, and order prints from the MicroSD card - all without connecting to a computer!

Australian Manufacturers and Importers of a range of desktop sized CNC machinery: 3D printers (such as Printrbot, Repraps, Makerbot & UP printers), CNC Routers, Tools & Parts
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