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Phone: Freecall 1800-847-333

Alexandria Sydney ShowroomSydney - Alexandria, NSW

Unit 23, "The Bourke Centre"
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110 Bourke Road
Ph: 02 8197 3928

Spring Hill Brisbane ShowroomBrisbane - Spring Hill, QLD

Shop 2, 474 Upper Edward Street
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Ph: 07 3135 9810

Clayton Melbourne ShowroomMelbourne - Clayton, VIC

Factory A5, 2 Westall Rd, Clayton
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Ph: 03 8080 1200

Belmont Perth ShowroomPerth - Belmont, WA

Unit 3, 158 Francisco St (cnr of Abernethy Rd)
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Ph: 08 9334 5222

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Brisbane - New store hours | Melbourne, Sydney, Perth open M-F 9-5

Simple Makers Kit Simple Metal Metal PLUS

Printrbot Logo

Printrbot, leading 3D Printers for consumers,
Come To Australia

Printrbot are one of the worlds leading manufactuers of 3D Printer for the classroom and home.
They have been made famous for, amongst other factors, their founder, Brook Dunn's motto "A 3D printer for every houssehold and school", To achieve this Printrbot have consistently released 3d Printers that compete with the big boys in reliability, functionality and print quality, but at incrediblly low prices.

Printrbot Inc, one of the world leading consumer 3D Printer manufactures, and Bilby 3D, Australia's biggest 3D Printer distributor, have partnered to give Printrbot an Australia home.

This is really exciting news for Australians as it means they now get access to the fantastic Printrbot consumer / education level 3D Printer range in Australia backed by Australian warranty and technical support.

"In an emerging industry like ours high level technical support is vital. Here at Bilby 3D we have an established reputation for 3D Printing supporting from pre-purchase to every day use. We are here for the journey, not just the initial sale" Lee Bilby, Bilby 3D

3D printing, the new wave in prototyping, architectural modelling and small run production, has taken another leap forward with the Printrbot range. Their arrival in Australia is set to revolutionise the access to this amazing, cutting edge technology within Australian schools and homes thanks to the companies commitment to high quality at low prices

Low Price with high quality 3D Printers

Printrbot Metal Plus 3D Printer

Metal Plus

Large Build Area. Rugged Design.
Build: 25 X 25 X 25cm
Resolution : 100 micron (and lower)
Printrbot Simple 2 (Metal)

Simple 2 (Metal)

Strong, reliable and amazing resolution! Perfect for schools and home users
Build: 150 X 150 X 150cm
Resolution : 75 micron (possibly lower)
Printrbot Simple Makers Kit

Simple Makers Kit

The best way to learn about 3D Printers is to build one!
Build: 10 X 10 X 10cm
Resolution : 100 micron
Printrbot Simple Makers Kit Upgrade Kit

Simple Kit XL Upgrade

Make your Simple Kit bigger and better
Build: 18.5 X 10 X 14cm

For the Hacker - RaspberryPi motherboards for OctoPrint software

Printrbot Go LARGE

Printrbot Go Large

Massive build area, PLUS 3 Heads!
Build: 56 X 30 X 40cm
RRP : $3,299
Printrbot Go Medium

Printrbot Go Medium

Big build area, Duel extrusion!
Build: 40 X 20 X 20cm
RRP : $2,399

Low Price with high quality

Brook Dunn wants to make "a 3D Printer for every household and school" attainable. To achieve this he has consistently released machines that compete with the big boys in reliability, functionality, and print quality, but at incredibly low prices.

When Brook Dunn, Printrbot founder was asked "Why are your machines so cheap", he said "I still believe price is the first barrier to entry. Instead of getting the most money we can per printer, we wanted to build a long term, stable, scalable business."

What makes the Printrbots so fantastic?

"The Printrbot Simple 2 (Metal) is one of the most rugged and reliable 3D Printers I have ever used, and can reliably print 75 micron prints time and time again." Lee Bilby, Bilby 3D

1. Printrbots Simple Kits start at only $566 delivered, making them a great first printer for students and home users; and the best way to learn all about 3D Printing is to assemble a kit yourself.

2. The Printrbot Simple 2 (Metal) is launching in Australia for only $999, and easily produces printouts that are comparable, if not better than the more expensive, professional machines. In fact with a 75 micron print resolution Printrbot is competing with the Makerbot and Cube 3D printers in the resolution stake.

3. The Printrbot Simple and Simple 2 are light weight (3.5 and 8kg respectably) making them easy to carry around the house, office or classroom.

Printrbot Team with Cura Software

Cura 3D Printer file preparation (slicing) software is one of the most powerful and easy to use pieces of software in the industry. Printrbot and Cura have teamed up so that Printrbot users can now use Cura straight out of the box, for super fast slicing, with amazing resolution.

"We have been printing 75 micron prints for weeks on our Printrbot Simple 2 (Metal). Every print is perfect and prints so fast." Chris Bilby, Bilby 3D. If fact Bilby 3D have been so impressed they are giving away 75 micron sample prints of a male and female owl throughout PrintOber, a month long Australian 3D Printing festival hosted by Bilby 3D.

Just give us a call 1800 THREE D <1800 847 333> to talk about the Printrbot printers and ask for your free sample print during October only

New LCD screen and SD card printing

Printrbot have also just released a LCD screen upgrade kit that now allows for printing straight from micro SD card! So you no longer need your Printrbot to be connected to a PC to Print!

Where to get your Printrbot

The first shipments are already at the new Bilby 3D Sydney head office ready to dispatch. You can order online here; at the Sydney 3D Printing Showroom at Alexandria Sydney, or through the Bilby 3D reseller network.

Awards and Reviews

"The Printrbot Simple is a good device for people to start printing with. Building the printer is simple enough for almost anyone even if they've never built something this complex before. The build only requires a few Allen keys and a screwdriver. The build takes a few dedicated hours but I found that I learned a lot about how the 3D printer works and what it’d need to fix it something ever broke. I recommend this to anyone looking for a relatively inexpensive way to start 3D printing, or just looking to build something fun and useful." Nick Parks Make Magazine

"With Printrbot's unrivalled price points and ease of assembly, it's poised to shake up the world of 3D printing in a big way." Dylan Love. Business Insider Australia

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